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Ashtray Poker Card Camera

Cigarette Box Poker Scanner

Product Information

1. It is an HD(high definition) poker card scanning camera

2. The scanning distance between ashtray poker card camera and barcode marked cards can be 20-40 cm.

3. This playing cards scanner could work continuously as long as 3-4 hours.

The ashtray can be utilized wonderfully in poker cheat places. We install fix a poker card camera inside it to help your poker games. With the ashtray hidden poker card camera to help you read the invisible ink barcode marks, you will catch more changes to win the poker games.

The ashtray hidden poker card camera is very conveniently and secretly to put on the poker table for reading the edge invisible ink marked cards clearly. With its HD feature, it can read the marked cards with 100% accuracy at any angle. Used it in poker games, it needs to work with a poker analyzer. After reading the marked cards at a high speed, it will send the signal of cards to the poker analyzer, the poker analyzer will decode the signal without any mistake. Within seconds, you will know the poker result you need.
Besides, the ashtray hidden poker card camera is suitable for any type of poker analyzers. With this playing cards scanner for your games, your poker games can be operated in a more smooth and effective way.



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  • Name: JACQUES2018-08-18 21:13:51

  • Content: Hi, Can you tell me the price you ask for PK S708 or S718 if you have? Only 1 piece to begin. Best Regards Jacques
  • Reply: Thanks for your inquiry aboutu PK S708 or S718 poker analyzer, I have sent you Whatsapp message, please check and reply, thanks
  • Name: Serally2018-01-11 17:01:53

  • Content: Estoy interesado en las cartas marcadas y lentes de contacto de infrarrojos, ¿cómo puedo comprar?
  • Reply: gracias por su investigación sobre las cartas marcadas y lentes de contacto, que le han enviado por correo electrónico, por favor, compruebe y respuesta, gracias
  • Name: Duncanney2017-11-30 12:26:53

  • Content: Morning, friends. Could you please email more detail about the cooperation between poker analyzer and marked cards to me? I want to buy some. Thank you. 
  • Reply: Thanks for your inquiry about marked cards and poker analyzer. I have sent you email, please check and reply. Thank you.

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