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Copag texas holdem marked cards poker

Copag Texas Holdem Invisible Marked Cards

The Copag Texas Holdem back invisible marked cards for infrared contact lenses are very easy and convenient to use, which are very popular among our customers. To read the back Copag marked cards, you just need one pair of infrared contact lenses or invisible ink glasses.

Copag 1546 poker marked cards

Copag 1546 Marked Playing Cards

The Copag 1546 invisible ink marked cards can be designed as the marked cards for IR/UV readers, back marked cards read by spy camera, sides marked cards for barcode scanning system.

Modiano Texas Holdem Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Modiano Texas Holdem Luminous Marked Cards

Modiano Texas Holdem invisible marked cards has jumbo index, which is one of the best marked cards for infrared contact lenses and invisible ink glasses. 

Dal Negro Monkey Marked Cards

Dal Negro Monkey Marked Cards

Dal Negro Monkey poker cards is made in Italy by Dal Negro Company, we bought the original Dal Negro Monkey cards from Italy and processed them into invisible ink marked deck with cards marking ink.

Bee Standard Marked Playing Cards

Bee Standard Invisible Ink Playing Cards

Preferred by casinos and gaming industry-professionals, Bee invisible ink playing cards are considered by many to be more durable than other comparable styles of standard playing cards.

Bicycle Standard Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Bicycle Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Bicycle invisible ink marked cards are made using custom paper and a special air-cushion finish that ensures easy shuffling and smooth dealing every time, these marked deck brings a professional look and feel to the playing table. 

Fournier 2800 Marked Poker Cards

Fournier 2800 Invisible Marked Cards

There are 2 colors of Fournier 2800 invisible marked cards, red and black, they both can be marked well. We mark the cards by using invisible ink, the marks can be seen by infrared contact lenses or poker cheating sunglasses. 

Royal Invisible Ink Playing Cards

Royal Marked Poker Cards

Royal 100% plastic playing cards are available in narrow with jumbo index or small index. We processed the Royal playing cards into marked poker cards with special invisible ink by marking cards printer. 

Lion Juice Marked Cards

Lion Marked Cards Poker

Lion plastic playing cards are made in Netherland. Lion plastic cards is famous for its quality. The back design of the lion juice marked cards poker are in different colors. Actually the back color determines the marks.

Bonus Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Bonus Juice Marked Cards

We imported the Bonus playing cards from USA, which are original playing cards. Bonus playing cards can be specially processed into infrared contact lenses poker, barcode marked cards, IR juice marked cards for spy camera lens. 

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses For Brown

Brown Luminous Ink Contact Lenses

Luminous ink contact lenses are the special contact lenses to see marked playing cards. Our company are produced those luminous ink contact lenses through a series of specific professional processing steps.

Silver marked cards sunglasses

New Style Luminous Ink Glasses

This new style luminous ink glasses looks very cool and fashionable, when you wear it, it will give you a good and comfortable feeling, the most important thing is that you can see the invisible marks on the invisible marked cards very clearly.

K4 Poker Analyzer

K4 Poker Analyzer

K4 poker winner predictor is the newest AKK poker analyzer in 2016, which is very fashionable. The K4 poker analyzer is a cell phone, and has the function of regular cell phone, you can use it to make a call, send message, listen music and other function.

CVK 400 Poker Analyzer

CVK 400 Poker Card Analyzer

CVK 400 poker analyzer is a new model poker analyzer, it has a built-in double cameras to scan the barcode marked cards. The scanning distance of CVK 400 local camera is 20-40 cm.

Texas Holdem Poker Analyzer System

Poker Scanner System for Texas Holdem

The poker scanner system for Texas Holdem is made up of a barcode playing cards scanner, an poker analyzer and a mini earpiece also together with invisible ink playing cards marked by barcode.

AKK A1 Poker Analyzer

AKK A1 Poker Card Analyzer

AKK A1 poker card analyzer is very beautiful cell phone, after you see it, you will fall in love with it deeply. The AKK A1 all in one poker analyzer is a useful product to help you in poker games.  

Copag Barcode Marked Cards

Copag Barcode Invisible Marked Cards

We processed the Copag cards to barcode invisible marked cards, which are printed barcodes on the four sides with luminous invisible ink. These special marked cards work together with poker cards cameras. 

Modiano Barcode Marked Playing Cards

Modiano Marked Cards With Barcode

Can you imagine that the Modiano cards can increase your winning odds in poker games? yes, it can come true, the Modiano poker cards can be marked into barcode marked cards.

Fournier Barcode Marked Cards

Fournier Barcode Marked Cards Poker

Fournier regular playing cards can be processed into different type of invisible ink marked cards, the Fournier barcode marked cards poker are the most popular marked cards among poker players.

Bicycle Barcode Marked Cards

Bicycle Barcode Marked Playing Cards

We mark barcodes on the four sides of Bicycle poker cards for poker scanning cameras. These barcodes are safe and invisible that people cannot see them with their naked eyes.  

Omaha Game Winner Predictor System

Scanning System for Omaha

The whole set of Omaha scanning system includes: a poker analyzer, a poker scanner, barcode marked cards and mini spy earphone. If you own this set of scanning system, you can play Omaha poker games without any pressure. 

Power Bank Long Distance Poker Scanner

Wide Scanning Distance Power Bank Poker Scanner

Do you believe that we can fix a very small scanning camera into a power bank to help you win the poker games? Of course, we do. This is not a difficult thing for our company. Now we can process the long distance power bank poker card camera.

Card Shuffling Machine Poker Camera

Poker Cards Shuffler With Scanning Camera

 Professional card shuffling machine is good tools for poker club and casino to shuffle the cards, and most poker clubs and casinos like use it, so we installed a hidden mini poker scanning camera inside it, which can scan barcode marked cards.

Land Rover Car Key Scanning Camera

Land Rover Car Key Poker Cards Scanner

Land Rover car key is more and more widely used in the world, so the people will bring their car key at any time and any place, we developed the Land Rover car key poker scanning camera to scan the barcode marked cards.

500 Poker Chip Tray Poker Scanner

500 Pieces Chip Tray Poker Camera

we will introduce you the 500 pc poker chip dealer chip tray, our chip tray is special chip tray, we install a hidden scanning camera in it, so it can use to scan the invisible barcode marked playing cards.

Black Short Wallet Poker Camera

Black Wallet Scanning Camera

This style wallet poker camera is black and short, which can work with any styles of poker analyzer, for example: AKK K4 poker analyzer, CVK 400 poker analyzer, PK King S608 poker analyzer and so on.

iPhone Phone Poker Scanner

iPhone Phone Poker Card Camera

Now the hottest phone is the iPhone mobile phone, from iPhone 4 to the lastest iPhone 7s, the iPhone cell phone is always hot sale, according to the trend of times, we developed all models of iPhone cell phone poker card camera.

Advanced Chest Button Poker Scanner

Chest Button Playing Cards Scanner

There are so many types of button poker scanner for your reference, now we have a new design and advanced auto scanning chest button playing cards scanner for poker analyzer cheat.

360 Degree Rotatable Infrared Camera

360 Degree Rotatable IR Camera

We have developed a new spy IR camera to see the IR invisible ink playing cards, 360 degree rotatable IR camera, this camera lens can rotate for 360 degree, it can rotate to see different poker tables.

Double-Nine UV Contact Lenses Marked Dominoes

Double Nine Luminous Marked Dominoes

 We can use the luminous ink to mark the regular dominoes, the marked luminous dominoes have no any differences from the regular dominoes, when you wear a pair of infrared contact lenses, you can see the marks on the back of marked dominoes.

Black Dealing Shoe Scanning Camera

Dealing Cards Shoe Poker Camera

This black dealing cards shoe poker camera is new technology product for baccarat games, which need work together with barcodes marking playing cards, poker analyzer, spy wireless mini headphone.

Remote Control Dice

Remote Control Dice

The whole set of remote control dice device includes: remote control dice, a magnetic dice board, dedicated remote controller. The remote control dice is not the regular dice, we install an electronic microchip inside it.